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06/26/18 - Jaguar Journey

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Join Dr. Alan Rabinowitz and Panthera’s team as they travel the Jaguar Corridor from Mexico to Argentina on an epic journey to secure the ancient path of the jaguar–and the future of Latin America’s iconic big cat.

Alex De Villa


June 2018 | Eastern Borders

Explore Guatemala’s eastern borders with Honduras and Belize to see how we’re overcoming obstacles to secure this critical bottleneck in the Jaguar Corridor.

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June 2017 | Connecting National Parks

Visit Jeanette Kawas and Pico Bonito National Parks, where prime jaguar habitat is intact, but the creep of agriculture between them threatens jaguar movement.

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The Southern Stronghold

September 2017 | Brazil

In the dry season, visitors to the Brazilian Pantanal can readily see jaguars prowling for caiman on the banks of the region’s lazy rivers. But this lush tropical paradise is also famous for its vast cattle ranches, providing a recipe for conflict--and the perfect lab for creating models to prevent it.

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The Northern Corridor

April 2017 | Mexico

This Journey tracks the jaguar through its northernmost range, starting at the U.S. border. We travel from arid Sonora, which could be the source of the few jaguars that have made it to the U.S., through the Sinaloa Corridor to Jalisco on the coast. The Sinaloa Corridor is a critical link between core jaguar populations.

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Bridging the Gap

July 2017 | Colombia

From the Darien’s estuarine mangroves, where saltwater jaguars subsist despite little prey and perennial mud, we venture to San Lucas, a critical link between jaguar populations in Central and South America that needs permanent protection.

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The Yucatan

February 2017 | Mexico

While the Yucatan Peninsula is home to more jaguars than anywhere else in Mexico, deforestation and development are rapidly fragmenting critical populations. Panthera is joining forces with local stakeholders, researchers, and officials to protect the Yucatan jaguars and their habitats.

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