UPDATE: A Coalition Approach

by Diana Friedeberg, MC

UPDATE: After several months of batting ideas back and forth with the directors of Laguna de Terminos and Calakmul national parks, our conversations have produced a tentative solution: we’ve agreed to form a coalition, uniting as many landowners and conservationists as possible in the area between Laguna and Calakmul. Together, we will devise and implement conservation strategies that will secure the safe passage of wildlife between the reserves.

Our land tenure analysis indicates that 90% of the corridor area is ejido land—a unique Mexican system of communal land ownership—which means that we will be working most closely with those communities. They’ll play a critical role in the success of this effort. That doesn’t, however, absolve the authorities of their responsibility. We’ll need to push them to do their jobs as well, like enforcing the laws needed to secure this land and provide higher protection, as well as helping the communities in this conservation endeavor.

Our next step will be to get both the secretary of natural resources and the government of the state of Campeche on board with the coalition. More to come soon.

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