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Conserving the Maya Forest Corridor

In the first installment of a brand-new series, videographer and storyteller Brandon Thompson shares his incredible journey through jaguar territory in Belize. Brandon and cinematographer Gabriel Noguez documented the efforts […]


Introducing the Jaguar M.F. Flash: Part 1

Here at the Fazenda Jofre Velho property of Panthera Brasil in the northern Pantanal, we coexist with a high population of jaguars. In fact, this region has one of the highest […]


Jaguars Without Borders

Home to the Americas’ largest wild cat, Sierra del Merendon is a mountain range that extends across the border of Guatemala and Honduras. This region incorporates two protected areas – National Park […]


November 29 is Now International Jaguar Day

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), Panthera and government representatives from 14 jaguar range states have announced the creation of the first-ever […]


Giant Otters in the Water? Jaguars Think Twice

Editor’s Note: This is Part One in a series about the surprising interactions between jaguars and giant otters. Read Part Two here. Rafael Hoogesteijn is Conflict Program Director for Panthera’s […]


Hopes and Dreams and Reality Checks

One aspect of human thought that sets us apart from other animals—including the forty wild cat species—is our ability to plan, to aspire, to have hopes and dreams. As far […]

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