Finding a Home in Pico Bonito

Pico Bonito is a crucial core area in Honduras for jaguars. Here, they can live in their natural environment and breed in relative safety. “Without core areas, there will not be any more jaguars,” Chief Scientist Dr. Alan Rabinowitz said.

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About Human Landscapes

Jaguars in Honduras move through a lot of human-dominated landscapes, like pineapple plantations, cacao plantations, and people’s backyards. Our scientists talked to cacao farmers proud to have jaguars on their farms and discussed future incentives for farmers who protect jaguars on their lands.

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We Can’t Lose the Core

Jeanette Kawas National Park is a major nexus for jaguars coming through Central America and going down into South America, but people are encroaching on the core of the park.    

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Panthera and partners are making Honduran forests safer for #jaguars, which strengthens the #JaguarCorridor and gives the #bigcats a brighter future in and between #nationalparks & #protectedareas throughout their Latin American range. https://t.co/p6DI0eFxZI #JourneyoftheJaguar