Finding a Home in Pico Bonito

Pico Bonito is a crucial core area in Honduras for jaguars. Here, they can live in their natural environment and breed in relative safety. “Without core areas, there will not […]

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About Human Landscapes

Jaguars in Honduras move through a lot of human-dominated landscapes, like pineapple plantations, cacao plantations, and people’s backyards. Our scientists talked to cacao farmers proud to have jaguars on their […]

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We Can’t Lose the Core

Jeanette Kawas National Park is a major nexus for jaguars coming through Central America and going down into South America, but people are encroaching on the core of the park. […]

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Panthera and partners are making Honduran forests safer for #jaguars, which strengthens the #JaguarCorridor and gives the #bigcats a brighter future in and between #nationalparks & #protectedareas throughout their Latin American range. https://t.co/p6DI0eFxZI #JourneyoftheJaguar