Into the Unknown

ALAN RABINOWITZ: It’s a romantic thought–to me, at least: jaguars roaming freely in the southwestern United States as they did not that many decades ago.

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Riding with Jack Childs into the Santa Ritas looking for jaguar and puma sign. Jack’s studied jaguars on the border for years.


Don’t pet the local wildlife.


The Rarest of Sightings

ALAN RABINOWITZ: Encountering a jaguar in the wild is an experience you never forget. Just ask Warner Glenn.

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Crossing into Mexico today. Easy to see why this wall would be a deterrent to wildlife at least.


Wildlife: Keep Out

HOWARD QUIGLEY: Despite the endless talk about the Trump Administration’s proposed expansion of the wall along the U.S.-Mexico border, it’s hard to actually visualize it and what its impact–for better or worse, depending on your point-of-view–might be.

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Setting off to explore the northernmost home of the jaguar @northernjaguarproject


You don’t always see jaguars, but you never know what you WILL see! Like these coatis hanging out in a tree @northernjaguarproject


Monte Mojino is the northernmost tip of Mexico’s tropical deciduous forest. Amazing jaguar habitat.


A Tale of Two Reserves

DIANA FREIDEBERG: In Mexico’s unique NPA system, all lands are privately owned. And, although there are some restrictions that landowners must abide by under the NPA system, what they do on their lands, for better or worse, is largely up to them.

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Hard to believe, and to see: a garbage and animal dump on the edge of Sierra de Alamos protected area.


Proud Protector

DIANA FREIDEBERG: Aaron is a big guy–ex-military–at least six feet tall and very strong. His body moves with a certain stiffness and his face is stern. We’ve met once before.

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Calling Jaguars to Save Them

ALAN RABINOWITZ: Today is May Day in Culiacan, and we were treated to a holiday surprise: a group of local high school students performing an elaborate and beautifully choreographed jaguar dance for us.

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The only kind of beer one can drink on a stop along the #journeyofthejaguar


Spent the night in this tree to call jaguars. Close! Three team members heard a jaguar grunting in the early AM.


A Listening Session Opens Doors

HOWARD QUIGLEY: Between Tepic and the Sierra de Vallejo Reserve, we visited a community forest and met with representatives of five ejidos.

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"Encountering a jaguar in the wild is an experience you never forget. Just ask Warner Glenn. His sighting of a jaguar on the U.S. side of the border back in 1996–the first live jaguar ever photographed here–still thrills him 20 years later."