Coming Home

My first encounter with a jaguar in the Brazilian Pantanal happened at night when I found myself staring into those green, piercing eyes that shone golden when the light from my torch hit them. It was 1981, and Dr. Howard Quigley, now Executive Director of Panthera’s Jaguar Program, and I had left our respective posts […]

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Our adventure continues this week in Brazil's #Pantanal, where jaguars like this are frequently spotted. More: https://t.co/p6DI0eFxZI


Our scientists have started their Brazilian adventure! @DrRabinowitz's memories, hopes for the Pantanal: https://t.co/o7CAYjB6xH.


"The place is an assault on your senses," @DrRabinowitz writes of the Pantanal, a stronghold of the Jaguar Corridor. Photo by @DrLukeHunter


The entrance to the Transpantaneira road. Past this point is one of the greatest ecosystems, and densest jaguar populations, in the world.


About to embark on the São Laurenço river, in the Pantanal, to visit the place where a jaguar was radio collared for the very first time.


Amazing sightings already in Jofre Velho in the Pantanal. Jaguar tracks along the road, and actual sightings along the river.


Caiman Hunting

Sometimes the world hands you a gift, and it should be appreciated for the rare event it is. Today was such a day. We left late in the afternoon on our boat from Jofre Velho as the sun was already sinking in the sky. We were determined to at least catch a glimpse of one of the numerous jaguars that live along this part of the Cuiabá River.

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After a long day of river travel, we reached Acurizal, a remote outpost where George Schaller broke ground in the study of wild jaguars.


The Pantanal is a wetland about the size of England. It's so remote that some jaguars born in this region may have never seen a human being.


Deep in the Pantanal, life can be hard for researchers at the Acurizal research station. As night falls, there is little electric light.


Students ride in a boat each day to @PantheraCats' Escola Jofre Velho, the only school for 80km in any direction. #Pantanal #Brazil #School


A Land of Many Rivers

Life in the Pantanal is dictated by one thing more than anything else: water. It is a wetland roughly the size of England, traced through by meandering rivers and tributaries—the São Lourenço, the Paraguay, the Paraná. It is almost perfectly flat, except for the region around Amolar, a spine of mountains millions of years old […]

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The wetlands of the Pantanal in #Brazil are teaming with caimans. Though they may look intimidating to us, for jaguars they’re often lunch.


This is the original, hand-drawn map George Schaller used when he visited the Pantanal in the 1970s. Now, some of the rivers have moved.


Water defines the #Pantanal. Major floods in the 1970s caused many ranchers to leave, returning the land to jaguars. https://t.co/UpwOifYyz9


Rafael Hoogesteijn, @PantheraCats’ conflict program director in the #Pantanal in #Brazil, explains techniques ranchers use to protect cows.


Each day the Journey of the Jaguar begins with a map. Because of the ruggedness of jaguar territory, good planning is an absolute necessity.


Life along the #Pantanal rivers has its own pace. This woman lives with her husband, a fisherman, and pet parrots. They have few neighbors.


Education is a key tool in jaguar conservation. The students in @PantheraCats’ school in the Pantanal fill their drawings with biodiversity.


Soldiers patrol in remote areas, and they are often able to see these elusive creatures on their daily patrols.


The Paraguay River, in the heart of the #Pantanal in #Brazil, is a region so remote many jaguars here may have never seen a human being.